Car parking for NNNS indoor meetings held at Eaton St. Andrew’s Church Hall

December 2022: Since 2019 parking arrangements at the Waitrose Eaton store include the use of 24-hour cctv cameras recording number plates of all vehicle arrivals and departures, a three-hour parking stay limit, and a charge of up to £70 for overstays.
For NNNS members using the Waitrose car park on Tuesday evening indoor meetings, if the St. Andrew’s Parish Hall car park is full, Waitrose have kindly waived the additional restriction of a 30-minutes-only limit after the store closes at 8pm, and the barrier will be left open. If closed, please ring the shop on 10603 458114 to ask the night-manager to let you out.
The 3-hour maximum Waitrose parking period will still apply and NNNS members uncertain of how long their vehicle might remain, or who are reluctant to rely on the concession above, might park in a nearby street or other place not controlled by double yellow lines or other prohibitions. Please note that members park at their own risk and neither the Society nor the Church authorities can accept liability for any penalties incurred or other problems encountered.