NNNS 150 Years ago.


  • 1859 Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was published.
  • 1861 Rubidium discovered by Bunsen and Kirchoff
  • 1867 Lister’s antiseptic method published in “The Lancet”
  • 1869 Founding of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalist’s Society

Over one and a half centuries ago, in 1869, a group of Norfolk people decided they would regularly meet under the name “The Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society”. Their purpose was recorded in their first “Transactions” as –

  1. The practical study of Natural Science.
  2. The protection … of indigenous species … the circulation of information which may dispel prejudices …
  3. The discouragement of the practice of destroying the rarer species of birds that occasionally visit the County, and of exterminating rare plants in their native localities.
  4. The record of facts and traditions … animals and plants …to prevent the extermination of existing species…
  5. The publication of Papers on Natural History … such as relate to the County of Norfolk.
  6. Meetings for reading and discussion … exhibition of specimens … Field-meetings … to extend the study of Natural Science…