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NNNS Email

From time to time email may be a better way to communicate with members than waiting for a general bulletin in Natterjack. So we have a list of members’ email addresses for that purpose, and we are using “MailChimp” to do so. Although this is primarily a marketing tool, we will not use it for that purpose, and as we comply with our Data Protection Policy, opting-out of emails is possible without affecting membership status. The email addresses supplied by members are never shared.

Each MailChimp list entry consists of a First Name, Last Name and Email Address, any of which is able to be amended by using a simple system with validation by email. The links for doing this are in the “footer” at the end of every email you receive, which looks like this… The “preferences” are First Name and Last Name for the Email Address of the message where you saw the footer.

To subscribe a new email address to our list, with the name of your choice, add it using the link below.

To tell us your email address, start by clicking here