Introducing the Bodham Ponds Bioblitz III 2019

– Saturday 22nd June, starting 10 am.

Over the last two years, linked to the work of the Norfolk Ponds Project, we have been surveying 4 small farmland ponds in the village of Bodham (North Norfolk) to measure the response of the ponds to restoration.

The first summer Bioblitz in 2017 studied four very overgrown ponds. Then in autumn 2017 we restored two of the ponds (Church Farms Ponds 2 and 3) by major scrub and sediment removal (with 2 left overgrown as controls). Last summer’s 2018 Bioblitz saw the ponds recovering from restoration and we had some fun capturing this. This year the ponds will (are already!) blossoming!!! Thus we welcome all, studying any group (aquatic or terrestrial) to come and see what the ponds are like this year. Which species have come back to the ponds and the pond banks and what species were lost due to the works? Our theory is that we will get many more gains than losses…but we need you guys to help us find out! See the Church Farm Pond 2 story in the attached.

So – a huge thanks for those who came to the Bodham ponds Bioblitz last year. Was so much fun and so appreciate all the results that have come in. After this year I will look to collate all of the information gathered in and we can see what changes we can detect.

This years Bioblitz, as for last year, will take place at on 22 June starting at 10 am with parking at TG 1165 3890see this link here for where to park – the road you need is the same minor road that runs past Bodham Church, Lower Bodham – the centre of the “Bodham Pond District” no less!!!

There is no need to bring any food. We will supply, tea, coffee, cake (made by the remarkable Jo Sayer) and a barbecue at the end of the afternoon.

The ponds are now full of macrophytes. At the end of last year Church Farm Pond 2 was full of lovely charophytes. Plus Church Farm Pond 3 is also very clear and planty and has seen a huge increase in frog spawn this year (30 clumps!). Note that Church Farm Ponds 1 and 4 were left as they were – one of them is overgrown by willow and the other reed.

The Bioblitz is linked to our British Ecological Society (BES) funded “Great Twin Pond Dig” project (the brainchild of the marvellous Helen Greaves) which aims to get local people involved with pond conservation in both of Norfolk (Bodham) and Lancashire. Thus, in Norfolk we have a team of local (amazing!) budding pond surveyors and conservationists who are recording the chemistry and biology of the ponds every 2 weeks – the Bodham Ponders no less! And they are in year 3 of their study now and still going strong…they will be very keen to learn from any experts who can come and equally keen to talk on what they have found.

10 am – Arrive and park at TG 1165 3890 near to CHFA1 – then walk to our base camp which is on grass margin next to CHFA4. You will see the Norfolk Ponds Project sign there.
12 am – Tea + coffee + cake served! To keep all going (and any time thro day after this!)

3-4 pm – ish Barbecue!!!
Finish – after barbecue unless, but people can still do a bit more. No time limit!
**Can anyone who is veggie or has any special diet requirements barbecued food-wise pls let me know and we will cater for you appropriately**

What to bring?
We will provide barbecued food and tea and coffee. So just bring any extra food that you fancy and water in case it is hot.
Wellies – useful for those getting in the ponds.
Any sampling gear that you want to use, but I will have pond nets and some trays.

Thanks so much to all in advance. Lets make sure we have some fun and who knows what we might find. Remember this is old style farmland so all sorts of stuff could be lurking!

Please say if you can come to help me plan – would so like to get the “ole team” back together and also be great to welcome anyone new!

Carl Sayer (07766717245 if you get lost!)

Dr. Carl Sayer
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